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EcoRad's product development is carried out in a well-equipped laboratory, supervised by the manufacturer's Chief Chemist, as well as by an external chemist. Quality tests are performed here - right from the raw material receiving stage, to the storage and transportation of the final products to our customers. Production processes are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health and strict international quality and safety standards.
EcoRad is dedicated to developing products at the highest standard of quality and innovation, inspired by nature and in harmony with the values of environmental sustainability. We take pleasure in manufacturing products that are not only effective but also practical. With over 10 years of experience in product formulation, we apply our expertise to the production of cosmetics, toiletries and cleaning products for various market segments.
Produced in Israel, close to the mineral-laden shores of the Dead Sea, EcoRad’s modern manufacturing site was established in 2018 in Arad, Southern Israel. Many of Eco-Rad's products have unique properties and ingredients from this region. EcoRad is engaged in the development and production of cosmetics, toiletries and cleaning products for various market segments.
The EcoRad manufacturing facility is run by a highly-skilled, and experienced team of leading chemical and manufacturing personnel. Covering 3,000 square meters, the production floor is complimented by an additional 2,500 square meters for storage and transportation. EcoRad manufactures and packages our products through reactors, packaging and filling lines, and support systems. This specifically tailored equipment enables the production of custom-made orders for our customers, and private label brands for the top companies in Israel - and beyond.
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    Ané Breytenbach
    Ha-Ta’asiya St 47, Arad, Israel, 8909411

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